About Us

Bell Stone are specialists in modular systems. A modular approach to your expo will allow for ease of shipping and installation. You can add and remove pieces or reconfigure as space allows. Modular stands are great for in-store promotions, temporary shops or museum and gallery spaces and for re-use over several events as they can be fully tailored to fit your specific needs each time.

All our modular kits are portable, use lightweight materials and have the ability to be used in multiple configurations. Versatility also brings value and there are several tips you can use to take advantage of a more limited budget. For instance; graphics can be changed to suit specific audiences and updated to keep your information fresh and in line with your company’s marketing plans. Structures can be reconfigured to suit different locations, often with minimal or no additional expenditure. Your stand can be given a whole ‘facelift’ just by adding a few components or by changing your graphics, and at a fraction of the cost of a redesign.

Even though modular systems are often used for limited duration events, the robust nature of our products makes them anything but temporary. Our solutions are long-term and reusable, bringing permanent benefits to budget and waste reduction.

Modular expos are one of the most efficient ways to create the display that best fits your business needs as well as your marketing budget.